• Short Term / Long Term

Short Term
Forklift Rental is an ideal alternative for customers who only need a forklift on a short term basis and therefor don’t need to purchase a forklift. This is convenient, as you do not need to worry about the maintenance.

We can offer you daily, weekly and monthly rentals along with full maintenance and a 24 Hour Emergency back up. All emergency call outs are responded to within 24hrs. If the breakdown cannot be resolved within 48hrs then we will replace the forklift at our cost.

Long Term
We can also offer you forklift leasing (full maintenance leasing) on a longer term option, allowing you to rent 12 months or longer with maintenance and insurance included.  Customers can also choose the rent-to own option over 60 months which is done with our in-house finance option.

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Guarding & Security Services

Makjus Security Services offers a comprehensive range of security solutions. The overall goal of our company is to assist in combating crime. Crime is ever on the rise and it is our goal to play a role in significantly combating this epidemic. We supply our services to a variety of clients, from large corporate companies to individuals. No matter what your requirements are, we have the experienced and specialised security solution for you. Our services are vast and highly flexible. We will design the ideal security solution for you, taking your individual requirements into account. This personalised service is what sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

The services that we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Store Detectives
  • VIP Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Guarding Security
  • Retail Security
  • Armed Guards
  • Industrial Security
  • Access Control
  • Close Circuit Cameras (CCTV)

Our Specialised Operations Division:

Our exclusive operations division is responsible and accountable for all speedy security deployments. This division is also responsible for the control and supervision of our guarding force. Senior staff members monitor this and they all have extensive experience in the security industry, from military training to law enforcement involvement. This division is highly structured so as to ensure efficiency and excellence.


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