Forklift & Industrial


Forklift & Industrial was first established in 1997 by Rob and Lorraine Duncan. From humble beginnings, F&I has grown to become one of the largest and well respected forklift companies in South Africa.

Situated in Polokwane in the Limpopo province, F&I operates from Northern Gauteng all the way to the Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique borders.

Through excellent service and quality workmanship, F&I have built a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our friendly staff, qualified technicians and strong core values, we have been able to sustain long lasting business relationships with all our customers.

What makes Forklift & Industrial unique is that we can offer you service on all major material handling brands. Forklift & Industrial is a one-stop forklift shop offering you everything you will need to cut costs, lift profits and ensure uninterrupted work.

Makjus Holdings

Makjus Holdings is a Holding Company with 3 divisions, Security Services, Construction Services and Transport Services. Our Security Services Division offers a variety of security solutions ranging from security guarding to store detectives and everything in between. Our team of qualified and experienced security personnel coming from law enforcement and military backgrounds offer quality professional Security services.

Our Construction Services include but not limited to Building Constrution, Ceilings, Tiling, Plumbing, Painting and Renovations. We mainly render these services as prime contractors, supply and fit, subcontractors sourcing projects from third party business.

The Transport and Logistics sector of our business services most economic sectors, as we move goods of any size from one point to the next. We transport textile products, steel, farm products, machinery, dangerous goods, oil, electronic equipment and serve mining industry.

Quality Policy

It is the established policy of our company to provide customers with services and procedures at the best price – to suit their individual needs. All of our services are implemented in conformance with our quality specifications and in compliance with the Security Officer’s Act 92/1987.

This means that we must do everything right the first time. This service maximises our growth and our services. Quality is key to our businesses success and we will always recognise the vital importance of our services, and of course, the vital importance of our clients.

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